curriculum vitae

david honneffer


2017 - present

Senior Developer

Telenor Digital

2017 - 2017

Front-end Developer (Engineer 3)

  • Sole front-end developer for GDPR consent-gathering app - serving 15m+ global users in 2018
  • Balanced a modern front-end app experience with the need to serve users in emerging markets

Oslo University Hospital

2015 - 2016

DevOps Engineer, Lead Web Designer

  • Transitioned the genetics analysis platform to modern DevOps practices, enabling more reliable deployments of critical software (handling patient genetic results).
  • Led and implemented a complete redesign of an in-house Python+Angular app for genetic analysis.

Opera Software

2012 - 2015

Director of Internal IT

  • Responsible for ensuring IT experience is understandable, secure, and efficient for 1600 employees in 29 offices globally.
  • Managed staff of 12 employees, both local and remote. Coordinated with 20 additional IT staff in other business entities.
  • Travelled worldwide ~25%
2012 - 2012

Documentation Specialist

Meltwater Entrepreneurial School of Technology

2009 - 2011

Senior Teaching Fellow

  • Lectured daily on business/entrepreneurship and computer science topics. Created supporting materials including slides, homework, quizzes, tests.
  • Responsible for daily operations and resolution of any issues while administration was out of country.
  • Mentored teams of post-graduate level students working on software-startup business plans. Met daily to discuss each phase of product development and key business decisions.
2009 - 2011

Technology Director

  • Implemented a complete IT solution for local campus. Solution included wired/wireless networks, networked printer access, development servers, and additional provisions for ensuring continuity given the environmental/logistical challenges of the environment.

Earlier experience

2008 - 2009

Tutor, Computer Science

2006 - 2008

Sales Executive

2004 - 2005

Computer Training Coordinator

Summers 2001, 2004, 2005

Lead Instructor

2004 - 2005

Systems Administration Support

1998 - 2002

Helpdesk and Systems Support


University of Oslo

2011 - 2012

M.S. Innovation & Entrepreneurship

The College at Brockport

Graduated 2009

B.S. (cum laude) Computer Science

Purdue University

Graduated 2006

B.S. Management




  • Javascript: daily-use, familiar with modern Javascript, common tools, and several frameworks - React, Vue.js, Node.js. Have developed open-source modules that are widely used in the JS ecosystem.
  • HTML / CSS: daily-use, can quickly prototype ideas, as well as create sustainable solutions; knowledgeable on cross-platform as well as accessibility considerations
  • UX / UI: high attention to detail with a history of working either directly on design or closely with design team


  • Ruby/Python: comfortable with using for scripting and automation, some backend work in the past

Operations / DevOps


  • Familiar with most modern DevOps practices, experience with cloud platforms as well as deploying/maintaining in-house hardware

Operating Systems

  • Deep knowledge of macOS internals and platform management
  • Very comfortable with Linux and CLIs



  • English: Native
  • Norwegian: Intermediate and working to improve


  • Cooking and the local food industry, open source projects, board games, video games. Enjoy experimenting with photography and other personal design projects.